Invasive Cardiology

New Product Introduction: Invasive Cardiology (MM31 Process)

  • Vendors wanting to introduce a new product needs to complete an MM31 form
  • Completed forms need to be returned to Supply Coordinators located in the CCL inventory room
  • Communication regarding MM31 including negotiations will be performed by Materials Management
  • MM31s are reviewed by Invasive Cardiology Administration
  • Supply Chain Management will inform vendor of the status of the MM31’s decision

Items taken into consideration for MM31 approval:

  • Evaluation products comply with the Network’s No-charge Policy
  • Pricing
  • Free shipping
  • Consignment ability
  • Swapping expiring product and/or old product for new product
  • Terms & Conditions

Primary Types of MM31s

  • MM31 New Product (Emergent Use)
  • MM31 New Product needs Evaluation
  • MM31 New Product replacing current product, (no financial impact & same vendor)
  • MM31 New Product competes with & potentially replaces current products, (new or prior vendor)

MM31 Instructions