General Exam

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1. What does an Active Vendor need to be on campus?
   A. Scheduled appointment
 B. Approved Credentialed Representative Status
 C. Visitor Badge from Security
 D. All of the above
2. To have a new product (supply or equipment) evaluated for possible future use and/or conversion which of the following statements are NOT correct?
   A. The product needs to be pre-approved by one of the value analysis efforts
 B. The Vendor needs to provide all evaluation products at no-charge to the Network
 C. The Vendor should drop off the evaluation items in the user department
 D. All product must be on a no-charge purchase order
3. If a product is left and/or use at LVHN without a purchase order which statement is true?
   A. LVHN considers the product to be a donation to the Network by the Vendor
 B. If the product needs to be discarded, it will be at the vendor's expense
 C. LVHN will process the invoices for the product
 D. Either A or B
4. Vendor must have their hospital badges visible at all times?
5. Vendors are permitted to sponsor food for any event or meeting under what condition?
   A. The LVHN's contracted food service provider Sodexo is used
 B. The Vendor can carry in the food directly to the Department
 C. A 3rd party catering service is used and deliveries direct to the Department
 D. All of the above
6. Second violation of any policy in the Vendor Policy Guide will result in:
   A. The Vendor will have a minimum of 60-day suspension
 B. The Vendor having limited access to direct using Department
 C. The Vendor will have a minimum of a 1 year suspension
 D. The Vendor will have a maximum of a 1 year suspension
7.  An Active Vendor Representative is a clinical or nonclinical representative that visits any LVHN campus
8. If a Vendor has any questions regarding the value analysis process and/or new product introduction. The Vendor can:
   A. Call their contact in Supply Chain Management
 B. Ask Security at the time of check-in
 C. Refer to the LVHN Supply Chain Management website
 D. A and C
9. How often does a Vendor Representative have to be re-credentialed?
   A. Every other year
 B. Every six months
 C. Once per year
 D. Every 3 years
10. As a Vendor providing a service to LVHN, you should do what to ensure payment for your services
   A. Mail the invoice directly to the using Department
 B. Verify that Supply Chain Management has reviewed your contract
 C. Reference the purchase order/contract number on all invoices
 D. B and C
11. All Vendors are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct during all business dealings with LVHN.
12. Where can Vendor(s) drop off pre-approved products for 30-minute storage?
   A. At the receiving dock
 B. At the using department
 C. At the main entrance
 D. A and B
13. You can print and view the Vendor Policy Guide at any time on the Supply Chain Management website.
14. Once you register with VendorMate you are automatically approved.
   Yes, approval is only based on VendorMate register
 No, it is only after all requirements are met and Supply Chain Management has granted approval is the vendor approved.
15. Wireless devices are permitted in all areas of the hospital.