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Lehigh Valley Health Network Supply Chain Management Contracting and Purchasing Division

Vendor Keys to Success, a Guide to Doing Business

Conducting business with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) as a Vendor is a granted privilege. Our goal is to communicate to you the values, policies and procedures of Lehigh Valley Hospital Network and assist you in a successful business with us. We strive to develop a mutually advantageous relationship with the vendor community. The information in this policy guide will govern your business interactions with LVHN.

General Vendor Protocols

Vendors are required to notify Corporate Supply Chain Management representatives of all projects and requests concerning LVHN departments. Compliance with this requirement is mandatory in order to maintain in good standing status. Failure to maintain good standing can result in the loss of privilege to do business at LVHN.

Standard operating procedures have been established for vendors:

•Only products on the LVHN formulary are authorized for purchase.

•Authorized purchases will have a purchase order assigned. Any items received/used without a purchase order will be returned to the Vendor at the Vendor’s cost or considered a donation to LVHN by the vendor.

•The purchase order is to be referenced on the packing slip and invoice.

•Price increases on fixed pricing agreements will not be honored.

•Accurate shipping and invoicing including correct pricing is expected.

Code of Conduct


Members of LVHN conduct themselves by our guiding principle of the P.R.I.D.E. behaviors. Our expectation is that vendor representatives conduct themselves in the same manner with:






Professional Conduct

Conversations with staff in patient care areas should be minimal, must be professional and case related. Socializing with staff member should be kept to a minimum and not interfere with the staff conducting their duties. Vendor Representatives should only enter patient area/procedure room as directed. Introduce yourself to the staff and state the reason for your presence. As a visitor to any patient care area, it is critical that a vendor does not engage in conduct or behavior that would create the appearance that the vender is staff and allows the LVHN staff to perform their duties. Vendor Representatives are not authorized to operate equipment or interact with the patient unless credentialed by Medical Staff Services.


We are committed to honest business dealings with our vendors. Vendors and their representatives shall conduct business with integrity, in accordance with contract terms and compliance to regulatory agencies. These guidelines are intended to encourage discussion and provide guidance in our business dealings.


Supply Chain Management may not accept gifts or gratuities from vendors, with the exception of novelties of nominal value. Gifts received which are unacceptable, according to our guidelines, will be returned to the donor.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

You may be exposed to information about a patient such as name, address, social security number and any other identifying information. If you perform a service for a Lehigh Valley Health Network subsidiary that involves exposure to our Protected Health Information (PHI), HIPAA regulations require that you sign a Business Associate Agreement. This information is confidential and cannot be inappropriately disclosed.


Vendor(s) who do not adhere to LVHN policies will be subject to the following actions as documented. Any violation by the vendor representative will be reviewed internally by LVHN for investigation and compliance.


1st Occurrence – A written confirmation of the incident and notification of a minimum 60 days suspension or longer per the discretion of LVHN from LVHN premises for any sales and marketing activities. The notification will also be sent to the vendor representative’s manager and the LVHN affected departments. In addition, your identification card will be revoked and confirmation of suspended status will go to Vendormate and LVHN Security (via Vendormate).

2nd Occurrence – A written confirmation of the incident and notification of a minimum one (1) year suspension up to and including a lifetime ban, at the discretion of LVHN, from LVHN premises for any sales and marketing activities. The notification will also be sent to the Vendor Representative’s Manager, Vendor Representative’s VP of Sales and the LVHN affected departments. In addition, your identification card will be revoked and confirmation of suspended status will go to Vendormate and LVHN Security (via Vendormate).

Not withstanding the foregoing, LVHN reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary based upon the egregious nature of the conduct or behavior to resolve the issue. Action could include immediate suspension or the imposition of a lifetime ban as well as the pursuit of civil or criminal action.

Vendor Access

Access to LVHN’s Campuses

After Vendor Representative Credentials have been confirmed, they may visit LVHN facilities only with a scheduled appointment. The Vendor’s activity will be strictly limited to the specified appointment time and location. Under no circumstances will calls without an appointment be allowed within clinical areas.


Vendor parking is restricted to the following:

  • Cedar Crest: Parking Deck
  • 17th & Chew: Visitor’s Lot
  • Muhlenberg: Employee Parking
  • 2100 Mack Boulevard: Employee Parking
  • LVHN-Tilghman: Employee Parking

Valet Parking is strictly prohibited.


Check-In Procedures

The Vendor is required to register in and sign out with Security on all LVHN campuses. The Vendor needs to have a scheduled appointment and destination before entering the campus. At the time of check-in, the Vendor will have a visitor badge printed for them by Security. This badge needs to be visible at all times including on scrubs if applicable.

•Check-in is at the Security/Information Desk in the main entrance Lobby for all campuses during normal business hours:

◦Cedar Crest – Main Lobby  (24/7)

◦Muhlenberg and 17th & Chew (8:00 am – 11:30 pm)

◦Fairgrounds Surgical Center at 17th & Chew (7:30 am – 5:00 pm)

◦2100 Mack Boulevard (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)

◦LVHN-Tilghman (7:00 am – 7:00 pm)

•After hours at Muhlenberg and 17th & Chew, only pre-authorized/scheduled visits are allowed. See Security in the Emergency Department for check in.

No packages or products can be left unattended at the main entrance. Pre-approved products may be dropped off at the Receiving Dock or in the using Department and will be held there for 30 minutes.


Conducting Business on LVHN Property

Since the LVHN mission is to care for our community, we want to provide an orderly campus for easy access to our patients and their families. As a result, we need to limit access vendors have to public areas:

•Vendors are limited to one (1) hour in public areas such as café, lounges, lobby and hallways.

•Vendors are prohibited in patient care areas unless accompanied by LVHN Staff.

In addition, the Vendor is prohibited from using LVHN resources such as telephones and computers unless vendor is doing LVHN business under the supervision of LVHN employees.


Food/Catering Services

Vendors are permitted to sponsor food for any event, meeting, or occasion as long as LVHN’s contracted food services provider, Sodexho, is used. Please visit Sodexo’s catering website,



Smoking is prohibited on all facility grounds inside or outside, including parking lots and cars located in the parking lot.


Wireless Devices (Cell Phones)

Wireless device use is prohibited in patient care areas. Wireless device use is permitted in common non-clinical areas (i.e. cafeteria, lounges, lobbies).


Vendor Credentialing

LVHN has contracted with a 3rd party vendor, Vendormate, to manage the vendor representative credentialing program. Each active Vendor Representative is required to register annually for credentialing. An active vendor representative is a clinical or non-clinical representative that visits any LVHN campus. Listed below are the requirements to obtain credentialing:


The required forms to be faxed or uploaded to Vendormate for registration can be acquired here:

  • Electronically execute Vendor Policy and Confidentiality Statement here
  • Complete the Credentialing Module. Print out your Certification of Completion

Vendormate will work with you directly to obtain (via e-mail or fax):

•Proof of PPD testing and immunization record.

•Flu Shot

•Chickenpox, MMR vaccination

•Digital head shot photo which will be printed on your visitor’s badge.

•Clearance from the OIG and EPLS website (US government fraud & terrorist sites).

Additional credentialing is required for vendor representatives in the following areas: O.R., Cath & EP Labs, Radiology, and Pharmacy. All Cardiac Rhythm Management vendors must complete the LVHN Medical Staff Services credentialing requirements.

All of this information is required before approval can be granted.


Medical Clearance

Vendor representatives must comply with all regulatory standards for medical clearance within a hospital setting. LVHN does require all Vendor Representatives have an annual PPD. The Vendor Representatives current PPD and immunization records will be maintained by Vendormate in a secure and private database.

False Claims and Payment Fraud Prevention

This policy is to inform vendors of LVHN of the federal and state False Claims Acts and to provide general information regarding LVHN’s efforts to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in LVHN and to describe the remedies and fines for violations that can result from certain types of fraudulent activities. To view the entire policy, click here.

Doing Business

Marketing & Patient Education Materials

LVHN must give consent before the LVHN name or logo can by used by Vendor. All patient education materials must be evaluated by Patient Education Department prior to their use.


Vendors cannot remove any supply, product, equipment from the LVHN campus without authorization from Supply Chain Management. This includes any consignment inventory or loaner equipment. If after hours, authorization will be given by the authorized LVHN personnel. If items are removed after hours, the Vendor is responsible to notify Supply Chain Management the next business day. Sample inventory must be registered and approved with Supply Chain Management. Pharmacy samples must be registered and approved with Pharmacy Administration. A non-patient use sample can be left in a clinical area for demo purposes only.

New Supplies (Products, Pharmaceuticals, and Equipment)

LVHN has a formulary of authorized supplies that are approved for purchase and use on campus. New supplies are approved for use or evaluation by LVHN’s various value analysis teams. Only approved supplies can be used at LVHN.

Evaluation of Supplies (Products, Pharmaceuticals, and Equipment)

Any supplies must be pre-approved by one of LVHN value analysis teams prior to the use of any new supplies. Samples for patient-use are prohibited from being left at LVHN campus without pre-approval. LVHN will only evaluate supplies that are provided at no charge. Any supplies received/used without a pre-approved purchase order will be discarded at the vendor’s expense or considered a donation to LVHN by the vendor.


Vendor Attire including Scrubs

All Vendor Representatives should be dressed in an appropriate manner. If you are required to wear scrubs during your visit the following applies:

•Only LVHN (HCSC) scrubs can be worn

•All scrubs need to be returned to LVHN before the Vendor Representative leaves campus


Vendor Selection Criteria

Vendors will be evaluated on the basis of:

•Aggressive and Committed Pricing

•Product/Service Performance Outcomes

•Product/Service Reliability & Availability

•Efficient Processes (Zero Discrepancies)

•Cost Reduction Strategies

•Vendor and Product/Service Innovation

•Value Add Offerings

•Support and Training

•Adherence to Policies

•Compliance to Terms and Contractual Commitments

LVHN reserves the right to make its final decision independent of any or all of the above factors.


Request for Proposals (RFP) and RFP Schedule

Any and all preparation costs incurred by the Supplier in developing the RFP are the sole responsibility of the Supplier. Late, incomplete or unsigned proposals not conforming to the requirements of the RFP will not be considered.


Click here to view a printable version of this Vendor Policy Guide.