Specialties Credentialing

Cath Lab

  • Vendors must contact the Contract & Product Manager before any visit to the Cath Lab.
  • Vendors are to check in with the Supply Coordinators upon each arrival.
  • The Contract and Product Manager handles all pricing and contracting negotiations.
  • The Lab Educator handles coordination of in-services to staff.
  • All appointments for the Cath Lab must be scheduled with the Purchasing Coordinators.
  • Cath Lab vendors must sign in at the security front desk upon each visit.
  • Internal Cardiac Defibrillator Representatives have to be credentialed.
  • Cath Lab vendors are permitted in the procedure room by invitation only.
  • All new Cath Lab products must be requested on an MM31 (Product Assessment Form).
  • Vendor representatives are not permitted to wear their own scrubs in Cath Lab.

Operating Room

  • Contract and Product Managers are the only ones who are approved to sign contracts/pricing agreements.
  • All new products must be processed through the OR Value Analysis process.
  • New non formulary products are not permitted to be shown to physicians while in the OR.
  • Vendor Representatives are not permitted to wear their own scrubs into the Operating Room.
  • Purchase orders must be obtained prior to bringing products into the Operating Room.
  • Supply Chain Management is the only department permitted to issue purchase orders.
  • Vendor Representatives must use Sodexho Catering when bringing food into LVHN and must be approved by the Administration of the Operating Room.


  • All pharmaceutical representatives must sign in at the designated security desk and at the pharmacy office.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives are not permitted to visit the following areas:
    • Nursing Unit
    • Operating Room
    • Emergency Department
    • Pharmacy – unless accompanied by a director, buyer, supervisor or pharmacist
  • Samples are only permitted to be left with the 17th Street Pharmacy.
  • A Clinical Pharmacy Specialist must review all distribution intended material.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives may only attend hospital sponsored lectures in which their company is providing support.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives may not stop in other areas during their scheduled visit.
  • Promotional material not on formulary may not be displayed in the hospital.
  • Pharmaceutical representative visits are limited to one hour per month.
  • LVHN has three primary pharmacy sites, representatives must adhere to each select sites requirements and policies.


  • Vendor representatives for Radiology may leave samples with Interventional Radiology and the Modality Manager.
  • Vendor representatives may schedule appointments with Supply Coordinator.
  • Vendor representatives may only visit Radiology for 60 minutes unless cleared by the Modality Manager.
  • Food is not permitted in the Radiology Clinical areas.
  • Vendors are only allowed to talk to Product Manager during the Radiology RFP process.
  • Access to Interventional Radiology Departments is limited to one visit per month.
  • All vendors must complete the Radiation Safety Module in TLC.
  • Vendor representatives are not permitted to meet with Interventional Radiologist without a scheduled appointment.
  • Vendors are not permitted to provide food or gifts to the staff without permission from the modality manager.
  • Failure to comply with ANY policy of LVHN and the Radiology Department may result in revocation of your company’s privileges at the institution.