Nursing, Critical Care & Trauma

Clinical Product Management Committee (CPMC)

  • Manages the introduction of new products for Med-Surgical Areas
  • Reviews existing products
  • Company sales reps can attend a meeting when the committee has questions that are best answered by the sales rep
  • Must have chairperson approval to attend prior to the meeting
  • A CPMC Product Request must be completed and signed by the requesting department
  • Requestor attends the meeting to introduce the item and provide monthly updates
  • A product request that has been reviewed and denied or reviewed and standardized will not be considered by CPMC for at least two years, unless there is a favorable or unfavorable change in the product or manufacturing
  • Products for evaluation must be placed on a no charge purchase order
  • In-servicing for evaluations or implementation is completed by the manufacturer representative
  • Dates/times of unit in-services as required by the Clinicians
  • Usually all 3 shifts need to be in-serviced

Vendor Process for Inservicing, Evaluation and Implementation

Process and Expectations

  1. Representatives will inform Supply Chain Management of all items being discussed with Clinicians.
  2. New vendors need to provide a W-9 form to Supply Chain Management before any evaluations can be considered.
  3. All vendors visiting LVHN must complete the Vendormate application process in order to do business within LVHN. This also includes reviewing LVHN policies and procedures found here.
  4. For an item to be reviewed, a CPMC Product Request Form must be completed by the requesting department which Clinicians can find on LVHN Intranet under Supply Chain/Contracting.
  5. In order for an item to be place on the CPMC agenda, the CPMC Product Request Form and all supporting data must be submitted to the Supply Chian Clinical Product Coordinator.
  6. A cost analysis will be completed and reviewed.
  7. Requestor (Clinician) attends monthly meetings to introduce the item and provide monthly updates.
  8. CPMC will decide if an evaluation is needed.
  9. If an evaluation is approved, the representative will assist with obtaining evaluation supplies through Supply Chain Management.
  10. All products for evaluation are at no cost to LVHN. A no charge purchase order will be completed and a copy sent to the vendor representative.
  11. The representative will contact or be contacted by the Products Nurse or other Clinical person to provide educational sessions prior to the evaluation and/or implementation and obtain clinical approvals for evaluation participation.
  12. if needed, education is completed for all shifts around the clock.
  13. The representative will provide educational materials, written instructions and operating manuals as needed.
  14. No additional products will be presented or discussed during inservcing of the evaluation and/or implementation products.
  15. After hour access to the buildings must be authorized by LVHN personnel. Security and Patient Care Services supervisors will be contacted by the evaluation or implementation coordinator informing them that the sales representative is scheduled to be in the building during evening and night hours.
  16. Representatives are expected to arrive promptly at the agreed upon inservice times.
  17. Representatives must sign in at each facility and wear Network designated name badges at all times.
  18. Hospital sign in sheets for staff attendance must be utilized at each presentation. The representative cannot leave the facility with the sign in sheets. These forms need to be dated and returned each day to the evaluation coordinator.
  19. Disposable items: model number, lot number and amounts must be logged in with the Clinical Product Coordinator prior to an evaluation.
  20. Equipment safety checks must be completed by Clinical Engineering prior to use in evaluation or implementation.
  21. Staff concerns and issues that relate to the product and/or presentation need to be shared with the Products Nurse and Clinical Product Coordinator.
  22. The evaluation or implementatin process will follow the education sessions as quickly as possible. If there is a delay in obtaining the items, the education services will be rescheduled. If the education was already completed, it may have be be repeated.
  23. Representative will assist with the collection of the evaluation papers and deliver to the Products Nurse.
  24. CPMC reviews the evaluation results and renders a decision.
  25. At the completion of the evaluation, products can be used or returned to you and results reported to CPMC. Any product not wanted by the company may be considered recovered medical supplies (aka donations) and can be distribured accordingly.
  26. If approved, further education of all user areas is necessary before implementat ion.
  27. Representatives assist Supply Chain Management to complete contract agreement, have all the correct information for the addition of the product to formulary, and transition currently used products.
  28. A product request that has been reviewed and denied or reviewed and standardized will not be considered by CPMC for at least two years, unless there is a favorable or unfavorable change in the product, pricing or is part of a savings initiative.
  29. Representatives must abide by the vender policies and CPMC process. Failure to comply with above may result in suspension of privileges throughout the Network.
  • Contact Supply Chain Management about products under discussion with clinicians
  • If a new Vendor, Provide a W-9 to Supply Chain Management.
  • If visiting LVHN more than 3 times in a year, complete Vendormate application process.
  • Assist Supply Chain Management with obtaining products for evaluation and/or implementation.
  • Provide to Supply Chain Management, the model, lot numbers and amounts of disposable evaluation products.
  • Send in or deliver equipment to Clinical Engineering for safety checks and clearances several days prior to inservicing.
  • Speak with Clinicians about inservicing prior to evaluation and/or implementation.
  • Provide educational materials for inservicing.
  • Arrive promptly, check in as directed in our Vendor policies and wear ID badge at all times.
  • Relay and concerns discovered during inservicing to the Products Nurse.
  • After inservices are completed for the day, deliver the sign in sheets to the Clinician in charge in the inservices.
  • Representative will assist with the collection of the evaluation papers and deliver to the Products Nurse.
  • Collect products after evaluation if necessary.
  • If approved, complete education in all user areas following inservice steps listed above.
  • Assist Supply Chain Management to complete a contract agreement.

Original: March, 2012
Revised: August, 2012