Cath Lab Exam

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1. Where does a vendor sign in prior to entering any lab?
   A. Front desk Security
 B. Valet Station
 C. The Gift Shop
2. Who will a vendor have to meet with prior to visiting any lab within the network?
   A. The Clinical Staff
 B. Purchasing Coordinator
 C. Contract & Product Manager
3. Who does a vendor schedule lab time with?
   A. Supply Coordinator
 B. Physicians
 C. Security
4. All new product requests must be requested with the use of what document or form?
   A. PR1
 B. MM31
 C. CCL01
5. All new and replacement product request must be reviewed by whom?
   A. Physicians
 B. Clinical Coordinators
 C. CPM - Contract and Product Manager
6. Where does the vendor check-in when he/she reaches the Invasive Cardiology Suite?
   A. Supply Coordinator's Office
 B. Clinical Scheduler's Office
 C. Director's Office
7. Does the vendor check-in each time he/she visits the cath lab?
8. Where in the ICS is the vendor permitted?
   A. Procedure Rooms by invitation
 B. Director's Office
 C. Employee Lounge
9. Who handles contracting and pricing negotiations?
   A. Purchasing Coordinator
 B. Purchasing Manager
 C. CPM-Contract and Product Manager
10. Do CRM representatives present in the ICS have to be credentialed?
11. How are in-services scheduled and with whom?
   A. Coordinated with the Lab Educator
 B. With the Triag personnel on duty
 C. With hospital security