Vendor Access

Access to LVHN’s Campuses

After Vendor Representative Credentials has been confirmed, they may visit LVHN facilities only with a scheduled appointment. The Vendor’s activity will be strictly limited to the specified appointment time and location. Under no circumstances will calls without an appointment be allowed within clinical areas.


Vendor parking is restricted to the following:

  • CC site: Parking Deck
  • 17th site: Visitor’s Lot
  • LVH-M: Employee Parking
  • 2100 Mack Boulevard

Valet Parking is strictly prohibited

Check-In Procedures

The Vendor is required to register in and sign out with Security on all LVHN campuses. The Vendor needs to have a scheduled appointment and destination before entering the campus. At the time of check-in, the Vendor will have a visitor badge printed for them by Security. This badge needs to be visible at all times including on scrubs if applicable.

  • Check-in is at the Security/Information Desk in the main entrance Lobby for all campuses during normal business hours:
    • Cedar Crest – Main Lobby 24/7
    • Muhlenberg and 17th & Chew (8:00 am – 11:30 pm)
    • Fairgrounds Surgical Center at 17th & Chew (7:30 am – 5:00 pm)
    • 2100 Mack Boulevard (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
  • After hours at Muhlenberg and 17th & Chew, only pre-authorized/scheduled visits are allowed. See Security in the Emergency Department for check in.

No packages or products can be left unattended at the main entrance. Pre-approved products may be dropped off at the Receiving Dock or in the using Department and will be held there for 30 minutes.

Conducting Business on LVHN Property

Since the LVHN mission is to care for our community, we want to provide an orderly campus for easy access to our patients and their families. As a result, we need to limit access vendors have to public areas:
Vendors are limited to one (1) hour in public areas such as café, lounges, lobby and hallways.
Vendors are prohibited in patient care areas unless accompanied by LVHN Staff.

In addition, the Vendor is prohibited from using LVHN resources such as telephones and computers unless vendor is doing LVHN business under the supervision of LVHN employees.

Food/Catering Services

Vendors are permitted to sponsor food for any event, meeting, or occasion as long as LVHN’s contracted food services provider, Sodexho, is used. Please visit Sodexo’s catering website.


Smoking is prohibited on all facility grounds inside or outside, including parking lots and cars located in the parking lot.

Wireless Devices (Cell Phones)

Wireless device use is prohibited in patient care areas. Wireless device use is permitted in common non-clinical areas (i.e. cafeteria, lounges, lobbies).